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Well Collective is a community of worship artists committed to co-creating a worship culture that draws the church into the presence of God, unified in worship through honest, authentic songs executed with musical excellence. We believe that communal worship fundamentally shapes who we are and how we engage with God’s activity in the world. It is our prayer that these communal songs of hope, lament, redemption and reconciliation would pull you closer to the infinite God who loves you endlessly.

Chuch Partnerships


We connect worship artists and audio engineers with local churches to create authentic, impactful worship experiences. Our bands, worship artists and audio engineers partner with local worshiping communities to help facilitate communal encounters with God through worship music. We construct intentional, cohesive worship experiences in congruence with the other planned elements of each worship service. We provide worship artists, audio engineers, and full 4-7 piece bands to local church communities in need of worship leadership by creating custom partnership agreements tailored to each church community’s needs and budget.


We want to fill the gaps in your worship team! We believe your church deserves the best worship through music experience possible, and we believe dedicated and gifted worship artists should be blessing communities that need their talents every week. If you are in need of a worship leader, or a specific musician (drummer, guitarist, etc) - we have talented and called worship artists who want to bless your community. We will create a custom plan designed for your specific needs that works within your budget. We can provide anything from a single worship leader or worship musician, to a full 4-7 piece band. Whether you need our artists or bands as occasional substitutes or special guests, or if you need us to serve your community on a monthly or even weekly basis - we will develop a plan that best serves your community.


We believe that every sound, note, beat, and lyric each worship leader brings to the stage is an act of worship that should be communally experienced. This requires a worshipful approach to audio engineering that seeks to bring “the sounds of heaven to earth”. Whether you need someone to run sound every week, once a month, or to come train your current volunteers, our audio team is here to serve and equip your community.


If your church needs worship artists, audio engineers, guest or resident bands - fill out the form on our contact page, and let us know what personnel you need, the estimated frequency you will need them, and your approximate budget you can put toward this need. We will be sure to get back to you within a week.

Original Content


Well Collective is passionate about equipping the Church with songs that give the opportunity to worship through every season of life. Following the example of worship set in the book of Psalms, we write songs to facilitate worship through our full human experience. We sing of restoration, The Kingdom of God, and what Christ has called us into as followers. We approach God honestly in song; even in our doubts, fears, confusion and pain, because we believe Jesus is greater and has already overcome. We hope our songs help you worship on your most joyous and most sorrowful days. May they connect you more to the God who is making all things new, and who loves you endlessly.

Go to our Album page to buy and stream our record The Kingdom : a modern liturgy, and download chord charts.

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