As a musician, audio engineer, and record producer my greatest desire is to bring the sounds of heaven to earth. I strive to create music built on the foundation of worship, recognizing the invitation to interact with the living God through a unique medium that transcends language and conveys truth. As an engineer, I get to be a part of the rearranging of chaos into heavenly sounds and see this as a symbiotic relationship: When we are worshipful in a performance, what gets captured in a recording, perceived by an audience, or absorbed by our own ears is genuine and pure. Creating in this way is my response to God, and my effort to glorify Him through music.




Guitar is an extension of my voice, a means in which I worship God. In essence, I sing through steel strings. When I worship through guitar, my hope is not just to play impactful guitar parts with excellence, but also to communicate a message of worship beyond words that connects the congregation with the infinite, living God. As an audio engineer, my hope is to create a mix rich in sonic atmosphere, enabling people to have an intimate conversation with God. For me, worship is a visceral experience; fully investing in my greatest gifts is deeply fulfilling in a way I can only describe through actually playing my instrument.




Worship to me is a molding of Faith and Reason. My gift is throwing the paint of a situation against my mental canvas, seeing if it melds, strips the original painting, or if something else interesting happens.


Tolkien propagated an idea he called “sub-creation”. The idea that while humanity is fallen and disgraced, it still has a relationship with its creator, and that one aspect of that relationship is to emulate that creator in its own lesser acts of creation.


To me, audio mixing is a sacred duty in which I am responsible for the sub-creations of my fellow humans. If their divine inspiration is refracted light, that is White light splintered into many hues, then it is my duty to focus the fragmented lights and distill them into stained glass for others to witness the duality of our sub-creation, and His creation.