I’m Taylor, a Los Angeles based worship artist. I long to see God’s people deeply connected to and transformed by the Holy Spirit in worship. Music as a language of worship has a unique power to guide the hurting, rejoicing and questioning toward God. Worship through music breaks through our traditions and theological walls to bring us all to the throne room of God, as one united people. I started Well Collective to deepen the experience of worship in the local church through honest lyrics, musical excellence, and by facilitating deep encounters with the Living God. I hope our songs help you connect with God with more honesty than ever before, and I hope our leaders draw your community into deep connection with the One who created you, and loves you endlessly.




From a young age I remember being drawn to the ministry of musical worship. Worship is where I have consistently found freedom from myself, where I feel most fully known, loved and whole. I am passionate about creating spaces for others to experience the magnitude of God’s freedom and love through intentional hospitality of the Holy Spirit. My heart’s cry is to co-create with the Father, to cultivate authentic and transformative worship, and to deepen the Church’s love for Christ, each other and their communities.




As a musician, audio engineer, and record producer my greatest desire is to bring the sounds of heaven to earth. I strive to create music built on the foundation of worship, recognizing the invitation to interact with the living God through a unique medium that transcends language and conveys truth. As an engineer, I get to be a part of the rearranging of chaos into heavenly sounds and see this as a symbiotic relationship: When we are worshipful in a performance, what gets captured in a recording, perceived by an audience, or absorbed by our own ears is genuine and pure. Creating in this way is my response to God, and my effort to glorify Him through music.




My name is Alexa, and it is a passion of mine to encounter the Living God through music. Throughout the Old Testament, the Israelites used a “timbrel,” a percussion instrument used to ward off evil, to dance and celebrate. Drums have become my version of a “timbrel;" the means in which I create an authentic space for people to ward off their own darkness and rejoice in God’s victories. In all seasons, drumming is the way in which I grieve and lament, contemplate, admire, and praise God. What brings me most joy is when my passion for music meets my love for youth. My heart longs to see young adults fall in love with the people God created them to be. I pray these songs give youth an outlet to do just that.




Greetings! My name is Wilson Howard and I am a worship artist living in Los Angeles! My heart is to help people have real and life-changing encounters with Jesus through music. For me, that means creating and leading songs about the unrelenting love God has shown us through the Son and the incredible invitation He offers: to forsake death in exchange for life and life to the full. The Kingdom of God has already been advancing on Earth right under our noses, and it is my delight to join the body of Christ in singing this good news!